Our Story

Join us at The Cheese Lady Kalamazoo for a journey through the world of artisan cheeses, where our passion for quality, flavor, and community comes to life.

Emily Heckerthorn

Emily Heckerthorn

Owner, The Cheese Lady - Kalamazoo

Our Story: A Cheese Journey in Kalamazoo

The Cheese Lady Kalamazoo has been in our community of Texas Corners Township for 12+ years. It continues to be a small, family-owned business where you can find your favorite cheeses from all over the world. As the new owner, I find joy in exploring the many types of different cheeses. My first job was working at a produce farm selling artisanal cheeses, fresh produce, and herbs. Later in my life, I was able to gain my knowledge of the world of cheese while working at The Cheese Lady right here in Kalamazoo. This is where I learned the history of cheese, and as to why it was so amazing!  It has always been a passion of mine, to be able to bring fresh, flavorful, and unique foods to the local community. 

We are thrilled to be a part of The Cheese Lady Sisterhood, and we welcome you to join us and explore a variety of specialty foods!!